Download the Tell MAMA ‘App’ & Report in Anti-Muslim Hatred

We understand that in the busy nature of our lives, that some people may not have the time to line up and report in hate incidents particularly when they feel intimidated by reporting into a police station. Others will report into police stations and the nature of hate crime reporting work is that as many channels are provided for people to report in hate incidents.

Which is why, we within Tell MAMA, have ensured that the project is accessible as possible to members of the public. The more accessible our service is, the greater reach we can have to victims and it is as simple as that.

We also know that taxi drivers, late night catering industry workers and visible Muslim women are the ones that are most affected at a street level by anti-Muslim hatred. The Tell MAMA App can ensure that reporting is made easier and that a victim friendly approach is taken so that we can work to the timescales of victims rather than have them waiting in line or at the end of the phone after they have suffered an anti-Muslim hate incident.

We hope that you may download our Tell MAMA Reporting In App and that you can encourage others to download it. Let us tackle anti-Muslim hate incidents and crimes together and more importantly, stand with other communities so that we can ensure that people live their lives free from being targeted, just because of whom they are.

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