Mosque attacks,
May 2013-2017 (Tell MAMA)

This map represents a timeline of attacks* against mosques, Islamic Centres, and other Islamic institutions after the murder of Lee Rigby on May 22 2013. Also included are the same attacks against Islamic institutions at the proposal level.

Please note that the methodology excludes examples of attacks where an anti-Muslim agenda is not beyond reasonable doubt (that may change if new evidence emerges). That way our methodology is clear and focused on the wave of anti-Muslim attacks on Islamic institutions post-Woolwich.

*An attack is defined by several criteria: directed at the institution (e.g. vandalism or arson), indirectly affects the institution but directly affect worshippers (e.g. pig's head dumped outside or worshippers are abused and/or attacked when entering or leaving).

We have added a number of new categories in recent updates to the map. We use the term 'Violent Extremism' to refer to bomb threats and political violence directed against Muslim places of worship.

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