Come the New Year, we are pleased to announce the fact that we have signed data sharing agreements with 4 major police forces and these include the Metropolitan Police Service, Greater Manchester Police, Merseyside and Cheshire police forces.

We are in the process of signing up a further 10 forces which will mean that 14 police forces across England and Wales will be sharing data that they receive directly, with Tell MAMA. This will make Tell MAMA the only body in the UK in the community sector, with the ability to analyse, map and measure the real extent of what is taking place around anti-Muslim hate in the UK.

We are extremely proud of our developments and our aim is to ensure that all 43 police forces in England and Wales sign up these data sharing agreements with us.

We will continue to ensure that victim’s rights are protected and that victim’s voices are heard. Anti-Muslim prejudice and intolerance needs to be tackled and particularly in an environment where international and national incidents are spiking it.

Finally, we would like to add that such a detailed analysis will ensure that policy makers and shapers are able to react and make decisions appropriately on anti-Muslim hatred and prejudice. They can also develop policy on accurate data from Tell MAMA which protects victims rights and ensures advocacy on this troubling issue.