Donate To Us

Many organisations working for social good and wider community benefits talk about donating. There are a plethora of good organisations doing good work and so you will be asking why should I donate to this programme of work? We wanted to address this and to highlight the importance of this work, countering anti-Muslim hatred.

  • Firstly, victims of anti-Muslim hatred are targeted because they are visibly different, at least in the street world. Our work ensures that they are supported, that we build their confidence and collate evidence for prosecutions and where we ensure that their dignity is protected. Remember, this can happen to anyone and no community is immune to targeted hatred, intolerance and prejudice. This is important to stress – anyone can be targeted for hatred, intolerance and prejudice because of a part of their identity.

  • There are significant impacts on victims, both psychologically and emotionally when they are targeted for hatred, prejudice and intolerance. This is even more acute if people are repeatedly targeted and this is, fundamentally, a human rights issue. People should not live frightened, cosseted and fearful lives. Allied to this, we know that a street level, Muslim women are the most targeted for anti-Muslim hatred. We should consider the impact on families, mothers and families. They deserve better.

  • Everyone one of us can relate to a hate incident or an incident where we felt that we were prejudiced again. Ensuring that we can reduce the frequency of such incidents is key since there are long term community cohesion impacts for our towns and cities, on the back of such incidents. Furthermore, reducing a feeling of grievance and victimisation within communities ensures that young people are not exposed to ‘them and us’ thinking which sometimes underpins a mindset of extremism. If we are to look at challenging extremism through a wide variety of mechanisms, so we must challenge a culture of victimisation which is one driver that underpins extremism. This also underpins why this work is important.

  • Last but not least – do we want a Europe that is free from conflict? That is what we are ultimately talking about since Muslim communities feel embattled and they are citizens within Europe. By combatting anti-Muslim hatred and in a manner which is receptive, open and transparent, we can send a strong message that all forms of hatred need to be challenged and where we should only be intolerant to those who seek to reduce the rights of others. Now this might seem somewhat nebulous, but ensuring the protection of basic human rights means that we should all have the opportunity to be who we are and to be able to change what we are in the future. On that basis, we protect the basic fundamental freedoms that make up our democratic structures.

We therefore humbly hope that you may support us. Thank you.