Statement of Values


Support victims of anti-Muslim hatred and record and provide an accurate picture of anti-Muslim hatred and the risk to Muslim communities in the UK.

Central to the functions of TellMAMA and the team are its core values which set the standards for its staff and partners. We are a team who hold values of universal human rights at the core of our work and our service, whilst it focusses on supporting victims of anti-Muslim hatred, also supports any individual who contacts us after being targeted for a hate incident or crime. Individuals should have the right to live their lives free from fear and not be targeted because of their identities.

Since our work is based on ensuring universal human rights, we will empower, educate and advocate for victims of anti-Muslim hatred and against all forms of hatred. This means advocating and countering anti-Muslim hatred but also supporting and advocating for minority groups within Muslim communities. Intra-Muslim bigotry and hatred will also be actively challenged and countered by us.

Furthermore, we take pride in the service we provide to victims and those most vulnerable to anti-Muslim hatred and we continuously strive to provide a reliable, confidential and trusted service for victims, witnesses and our partners.

TellMAMA’s Core Values

Built on the preservation and protection of human rights for all communities, are these core values:


Foremost, we provide a reliable, confidential and honest service to victims and witnesses and are not influenced by any political or social agendas in doing so.


We have a clear point of view based on our research, analysis, knowledge and experience.


We undertake accurate recording of anti-Muslim incidents and are accountable and transparent in how we work within and beyond Muslim communities.


We work in partnership with Government, police and communities to tackle anti-Muslim hatred. This approach is essential, effective and amplifies the message that anti-Muslim hatred is unacceptable and that collectively, it should be tackled.


We work in compliance with the Human Rights Act and provide challenge when actions of individuals or organisations breach or threaten to breach Criminal and/or Civil Law and where human rights of Muslim communities are threatened.