Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Tell MAMA?

Tell MAMA (Measuring anti-Muslim Attacks) is the only national monitor, confidential support service and third party reporting service for those who experience anti-Muslim hatred.

We are an independent, non-sectarian service. Individuals can request support in Urdu and Arabic. Our service extends to those who face intra-Muslim issues.

Mosques and Islamic institutions can receive additional support and security advice.

Can non-Muslims report to Tell MAMA?

Yes. We welcome reports from individuals who have witnessed incidents online or on the street. This also includes individuals abused because they were perceived to be Muslim.

How does that work?

Anyone can experience a hate crime. What matters is your perception. And that’s true across all hate crime strands. For example, The Metropolitan Police definition reads:

An Islamophobic Offence is any offence which is perceived to be Islamophobic by the victim or any other person, that is intended to impact upon those known or perceived to be Muslim.

Will you pass my information on to police?

No. Again, we are a confidential service. Only at your request would we pass information onto police. We can also report your case to police anonymously at your request.

Nor does our partnerships work with police forces affect your confidentiality.

Are you a Muslim organisation?

We are committed to supporting Muslims who face hatred, violence and discrimination in the UK. But our staff come from a diverse range of backgrounds, faiths and non-belief. This is also reflected in our patrons and various advisory boards members.