Self-defence class over Islamophobia ‘normalisation’ fear

Apr 19th, 2017

Muslim women in Cardiff have been offered self-defence classes over fears Islamophobia has been “normalised” since Brexit.

Muslim woman reveals all about THAT terror attack pic after being trolled

Mar 26th, 2017

THE Muslim woman who was pictured looking at her phone while walking across Westminster Bridge during Wednesday’s attacks has spoken out.

‘Devastated’ Muslim woman accused of ‘walking by dying man’ after London terror attack speaks out

Mar 25th, 2017

“Not only have I been devastated by witnessing the aftermath of a shocking and numbing terror attack, I’ve also had to deal with the shock of finding my picture plastered all over social media”

London attack: Muslim woman photographed on Westminster Bridge during terror incident speaks out

Mar 25th, 2017

The woman was vilified on social media after some said it looked like she was walking past the wounded without concern

Woman photographed in hijab on Westminster Bridge responds to online abuse

Mar 25th, 2017

Muslim woman shocked at those who ‘draw conclusions based on hate and xenophobia’ after anti-Islam blogs circulated her image

Fawcett Society’s Sex Discrimination Law Review To Assess The Impact Of Brexit On Women’s Rights

Mar 9th, 2017

As uncertainty looms over what post-Brexit Britain will look like after Article 50 is triggered, campaigners are eager to assess the

Dorset Police joins forces with Tell MAMA to support victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes

Jan 26th, 2017

An awareness event was held in partnership with Bournemouth University to bring together police, partners and the community to develop a better understanding of anti-Muslim hate crime and the impact it has on Dorset communities.

Churches Are Receiving Online Abuse After They Included Muslim Prayers In Their Services

Jan 20th, 2017

There have been two incidents this month where churches were hounded online after Islamic verses were read out.

Mosques targeted by 100 hate attacks since killing of Lee Rigby, group says

Nov 20th, 2016

UK mosques have been targeted by 100 hate attacks since the death of Lee Rigby, new figures show.

UK mosques targeted in 100 hate attacks since Lee Rigby murder

Nov 20th, 2016

UK mosques have been targeted by 100 hate attacks since the death of Lee Rigby, new figures show.

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