This is a news section which outlines news stories and a range of events and opinions on anti-Muslim prejudice or Islamophobia. Latest developments on these areas are listed on this section of the TELL MAMA web-site and you can find daily news pieces on anti-Muslim prejudice or Islamophobia.

Do keep an eye on this section and we will also be tweeting out relevant news items on anti-Muslim prejudice or Islamophobia. Given that there is a global focus on issues affecting Muslim communities, anti-Muslim prejudice or Islamophobia will unfortunately continue to be a topical item.

This news section will also be useful for social researchers, social activists, policy makers and policy shapers and those in positions which involve community engagement with local Muslim populations. We are also keen on engaging with social scientists through our work so that there can be a greater body of knowledge that can be created on anti-Muslim prejudice or Islamophobia. Since 1997 and the report from the Runnymede Trust on Islamophobia, focus on this area of work has been reduced and TELL MAMA provides an opportunity for a greater academic or news focus on this area.

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