For all the talk about ‘British Values’,’ today we have seen a young 18 year old woman exude the very values that make us all proud to be Brits and which make us all feel that the people of our country are inherently against all forms of hate.

The young 18 year old woman, a Miss Poppy Ingham, stood up against the anti-Muslim hate and intolerance that was being shouted out on a Virgin Train as sympathisers of the EDL had boarded the Virgin train. Poppy tweeted out for support from Virgin Trains as she heard EDL thugs call out for the ‘burning of Muslims.’

Poppy then went onto tweet that she would not be intimidated and that we should all stand up against prejudice when we see or hear it.

This is our statement to Poppy:

“Poppy – your single act is an inspiration to those people who believe that we can all live together and that hate, prejudice and racism have no part to play in our country. You have also sent a powerful message that hatred against Muslims is unacceptable and as a young person, your actions also send a message that we cannot be innocent bystanders and we must be upstanders against hate.

We salute your actions and your courage and your strength and determination. Next time someone tried to ‘do down’ young people, they should remember your actions.”

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Virgin Trains anti-Muslim

Poppy Ingham

Poppy stands against hate