Elderly Muslim Taxi Driver Has Abuse Hurled At Him Whilst Servicing Customers

A 65 year-old taxi driver was abused in Rotherham, a town that has suffered an intense media focus after a grooming scandal that rocked it and which affected the lives of over 1,400 young girls.

The visibly Muslim taxi driver with a prayer cap was the target of an unprovoked incident where he was approached by a white male whilst he was in his vehicle, and who hurled abuse at him. The perpetrator maintained the abuse for some time whilst the driver was trying to take a fare from his passengers.  He was called a “bl**k bas***d” and told to “get back to your country”.

Rotherham has generated numerous incidents and more recently, 81-year-old Muslim pensioner, Mushin Ahmed, was viciously killed by a white male whilst on his way to a  mosque. The term ‘groomer’ was used during the brutal murder of Mushin Ahmed.

We will continue to support local victims in Rotherham and work to try and achieve some justice for them.