A racist who urinated against the Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre on London Road in Croydon received a £90 fixed penalty notice for racially aggravated criminal damage.

The Twitter account @MPSCroydon tweeted that “after checks were carried out on the vehicle he was driving at the time he was located and questioned about his actions,” issuing a fine for racial criminal damage.

Few details remain, but news of the Islamophobic hate crime appeared online this morning (October 5).

Tell MAMA welcomes the positive criminal justice outcome, though the fine seems disproportionately low given the targeting of a mosque, which we will raise further with the Met Police. We urge masjids and other Islamic institutions to keep our safety advice in mind.

We welcome anonymous reports and can also make reports to police forces on behalf of individuals or Islamic institutions with the informed consent of those who contact our support service. Otherwise, we are happy to keep such information confidential.

You can get advice from our confidential and free helpline on 0800 456 1226. Or through our free iOS or Android apps. Report through our online form. Or contact us via WhatsApp on 0734 184 6086.