Amazon has removed a number of offensive products  from its American store. This includes products which demean Islam and belief in God. Twitter user @mariamkhan29 made us aware of the items.

The seller identified as ‘Dargon One’ lists “Allah Islam Symbols Doormat And Dog Mat” which it lists as a ‘funny dog mat’.

The product has received more than 800 one star reviews calling for its removal. One review reads: “This is an act of great irresponsibilty on the part of Amazon to sell such a product. It is highly offensive and hurtful to billions of muslims around the world. The creator of such a product has no respect for the religion of Islam which deserves recognition and respect as do all other faiths.” The user pleads with others to make legitimate complaints to Amazon to have the product removed.

The page was soon removed following complaints. The ‘Dargon One’ seller lists ‘Infidel’ related products. Such imagery and rhetoric is common among far-right and anti-Muslim groups. Our complaint to Amazon has been escalated with other Amazon departments.

Amazon’s policy on offensive items is clear – if a little difficult to find online. It states that products “that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views” are prohibited from sale. Amazon adds that it “reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of listings on its site, and remove any listing at any time.” We have reported the offending content and raised our concerns further.

A member of Amazon’s support staff confirmed to Tell MAMA that other products are under investigation. Adding, that Amazon intends to remove the other items from their website ‘as soon as possible’.

Amazon have been approached for an additional statement.

Tell MAMA will write to Amazon to further our concerns regarding this issue. We thank those who have brought this to our attention.