These stickers were reported into Tell MAMA today. They are from the far right extremist group, the North West Infidels and they were found in Coventry. The stickers show, what seems to be a male individual wearing clothing that could be from Afghanistan or Pakistan, even though a majority of refugees are from Syria.

These stickers are worrying and come on the back of other stickers which were distributed in mid-2015, where pictures of Prophet Muhammad were circulated in phone booths in the West Midlands area.

If you come across such stickers from the North West Infidels, please do get in touch with us here at Tell MAMA. You can e-mail the material to us or report it through Twitter or Facebook to us.

Our contact details are:

Phone: 0800 456 1226
Twitter: @tellmamauk
Whatsapp: 0734 184 6086
SMS: 0115 707 0007
Facebook: TellMAMAUK

Coventry Pic 1

Coventry Pic 2