Thanks to Sheffield Indymedia, it seems that we have found out who @bigsteve1911 is after he trolled the TELL MAMA account yesterday with the following tweet:

What is also interesting to note is that he linked to a tweet from a female resident in Scotland who previously tweeted from the @dowheater account. We are currently in discussions with Police Scotland on this individual who is resident, we believe in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Coming back to ‘Stevo,’ we have undertaken our own checks and the following tweet link by the individual references another Twitter account:

It seems that ‘Stevo’ is an award-winning mortgage broker by the name of Stephen Dransfield. Looks like he has won a number of awards from ‘Money Marketing’, ‘the Negotiator Awards’, ‘ESTAS’ and the ‘British Mortgage Awards’, where he won in 2011,12, 13 and 14. Stephen Dransfield is no run of the mill English Defence League sympathiser, he is an award-winning mortgage broker, who no doubt would have had Muslim clients. We hope that future clients get to see exactly what he does in his spare time on Twitter.

It also seems that Stephen Dransfield lives in Bradford. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Stephen’s world. How long he will receive accolades, we cannot say.

Who is Steven Dransfield