During 2015, we saw an increasing number of reports of anti-Muslim graffiti which have been posted on street corners through to bus stops and advertisement hoardings. The language of bigotry may well be changing, but the impacts of it can be significant, given the anger that it generates which can become counter-productive for community relations.

We received this report in today, showing graffiti that has been drawn within a toilet in busy Doncaster station.

To add further insult, the terms, “filthy Muslim pigs” with references to toilet paper as pages of the Holy Qur’an are made.

We have informed relevant officials at Doncaster station to remove this graffiti.

If you come across such graffiti in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us in Tell MAMA. (E-mail: info@tellmamauk.org, twitter: @tellmamauk, or you can report through our web-site: www.tellmamauk.org.) We take a pro-active approach to tackling such issues by getting authorities to remove such bigoted material.

Tell MAMA also runs a helpline service which runs from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. The service will be available again on the 3rd of January 2016.