Islamophobia GraffitiThis graffiti was reported to us by a member of the public on a building called the Ashlone Wharf in Putney Embankment, London, SW15

The graffiti which was likely painted overnight had a picture of what looks like a postbox and an object which is described as ‘Muslim women.’ The caption on the bottom which was mis-spelt reads, “the only difference is the coulor (sic).”

The graffiti was removed within 24 hours though it does show the brazen prejudice of an individual or a group of individuals who felt the need to deface the building overnight.

One of the traits of anti-Muslim prejudice is the fixation and abuse of Muslim women. This example, once again shows that the target of bigots are visible Muslim women. This has also been highlighted in previous reports that we have produced and which can be found here and here.