This letter was put through the letterbox of a family and who are now concerned for the elderly relatives in their home, given the threats made on the document.

Tell MAMA spoke to one of the family members who said that the house has Islamic symbolism visible on the outside of it which may have led to its targeting. The family member also said that his elderly relative was extremely frightened having received the hate mail and which was targeted at them.

This case underlies the significant emotional and mental health impacts that hate crimes have on victims and where they also have multiple impacts on family members.

Tell MAMA is in touch with the Metropolitan Police force on this and the force have acted swiftly on this matter.

If anyone receives any such anti-Muslim hate material, please do get in touch with us in Tell MAMA. You can also call us on 0800 456 1226 or e-mail us on . You can also call 101 to report into the police. Let us stand against hatred by reporting in any form of public hatred, intolerance and prejudice.