What did we say? Scratch the anti-Muslim surface of nationalist far right groups and you find the beating heart of antisemitism.

On the 28th of February, Pegida are to march in Newcastle driven by the motivation that they are against Islam whilst trying to argue that they are not against Muslims. Yet a glance of their supporters show nationalist racial superiority groups based on Nordic and Aryan racialised theories.

Take for example, this Facebook group entitled, Pioneer Little Europe. The group has pictures that look like and smell like nationalist far right ideology, yet their attempts to cover this fall away when pictures of white women with their hair tied together is followed by the statement,

“Now this is what you call diversity.”

Or take the fact that the Pioneer Little Europe account then goes onto spew antisemitic discourse by stating,

“I ask my Polish and German brothers and sisters, my Irish and English brothers and sisters, and my Ukrainian and Russian brothers and sisters, to forgive and forget and to stop the infighting, and join forces to fight the true Zio-Marxist evil.”

Yet, a quick peek below shows the Pegida UK page stating the following,

“This (Pioneer Little Europe) is a group that supports us. Give them a look.”

Ladies and gentlemen – what does this say about Pegida on our shores?

Pioneer Little Europe

Pegida support

Support Pegida

Zio Marxist Pioneer Little Europe