BonehillHampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq has been at the forefront of pushing an early day motion in Parliament praising campaigners against the proposed far right rally on July 4th in Golders Green. She also stressed that all should be done to protect local residents from the proposed neo-Nazi demonstration and urged that the Home Secretary do more to stop such demonstrations in the future, given the real fear that it may lead to anti-Semitic hate incidents.

The July 4th demonstration has been orchestrated by notorious self-styled far right ‘leader’ Joshua Bonehill. Yeovil based Joshua Bonehill, has had numerous run-ins with law enforcement leading to arrests for on-line comments and alleged malicious tweets to Labour Member of Parliament Luciana Berger. Bonehill also allegedly recently gifted a young woman with a Swastika, followed by a string of abusive messages, asking her to be his ‘Eva Braun.’ He has pleaded not guilty to charges on this.

It seems that Bonehill who was also behind an anti-Semitic rally in Stamford Hill, has been notified that he has banned from entering “the area contained within the M25 except to answer police bail.” Having been banned, it seems that Bonehill then passed the baton of organising the demonstration to another extreme far right activist, Eddie Stampton, who it seems, has now fallen out with Bonehill. Not seeing the writing on the wall, Bonehill has stated that he will continue to try and organise the Golders Green demonstration and that there will be further demonstrations in the future. Allied with these comments have been the usual far right anti-Semitic rhetoric which has espoused a victim narrative of an ‘anti-White’ conspiracy.

Finally, if you are looking to attend any counter-demonstration on the day, we would advise you to make contact with the Community Security Trust. Furthermore, activists from TELL MAMA will be active on the day to send a clear message that fascists, extremists and bigots are not wanted, nor do they reflect wider society. If anything, they will be in the minority surrounded by a sea of people who believe in pluralism, peace and the right for communities to live free from fear or intimidation.