The EDL have also suggested that they are against ‘radical’ Islam. They have tried to suggest that they are not prejudiced and that they have been targeted, as if they have been hard done by. Each time they try and make this case, a bone seems to fall out of their mouth which proves what a prejudiced bunch they are.

Today, this banner was unfurled in Sheffield. We have reported in pictures of the banner and people holding it to the police. Statements on the banner read:

“Who the F… Allah”,

“Keep Calm and Hate Muslims “

“Death to Islam”

We believe that some of these statements are illegal and have infringed on criminal laws. A formal complaint has been made to South Yorkshire Police and we would be happy to provide a Community Impact Statement to South Yorkshire Police if there are arrests that are made on this. We will also ensure that we work with forces to send a clear signal that hate, intolerance and bigotry is unacceptable.

Sheffield EDL


Official EDL Hate Muslims