This report was received into Tell MAMA yesterday afternoon. The names and location regarding the incident have been changed.

“My name is Shaida Rizvi and I am 16 years old and currently have entered college. I had started practising Islam when I was 15 and had started wearing the Niqab by choice. This started in December 2014 and I made the choice for many reasons. Previously, I had encountered remarks and actions towards me by people, mainly men, and each time I have dismissed them.

However, today after walking down Acacia Avenue, I had been met by a bunch of males in a passing car shouting at me calling me”filth”. Each and every time the traffic lessened and the car came closer towards me, the same words were thrown at me repeatedly.

I’d like to say I was affected very little, but the truth is quite the opposite. However I have told my parents and they have been supporting me.

I will be starting college soon and want to focus just on that and therefore have decided to report this on the back of a suggestion by a sister, which I didn’t want to do at first as I thought it wasn’t serious enough to report, but I trust somehow this may help sisters and brothers in future.

Jazakallah khair my prayers are with you.”