All of the data that we have accumulated to date shows that at a street level, visible Muslim women are the ones that are predominantly targeted for anti-Muslim hate incidents and crimes.

We received this text today from an individual who reported into TELL MAMA and this highlights the kinds of issues that some Hijab and Niqab wearing women go through. This is the anonymised text that was received which shows the threats that some Muslim women get just going about their daily activities.

“My sister and I were waiting in a long queue on the pier at Bournemouth beach to get hot chocolate drink from a shop when this man approached my sister and started doing some strange aggressive hand gestures towards her. The hand gesture was in the form of gun. He came very close to us and said I don’t like, I hate Muslims and what you are wearing. My sister and I was wearing Hijabs. I said to him why are you standing next to us? If you don’t like us them don’t stand next to us and go away.

He eventually moved away but was continually staring at us and made us feel very uncomfortable.

There was a second incident on the same day around 5pm when we went towards our coaches to prepare to board and come back to Birmingham. My niece alerted me that some men drove past in a car and made hand gesture in the form of a gun towards.”

Furthermore, we have received the following pictures from a Muslim woman who wears the Niqab and the Jilbab. These are pictures that she has taken of harassment at a street level from perpetrators. The perpetrator profile also fits the 15-35 white male bracket which shows itself through the data that we collect.

Anti-Muslim abuse

Cars taking photos of Muslim female