The notorious extremist Britain First web-site has placed a petition asking for ‘patriots’ to complain to Channel 4 and to OFCOM on the documentary outlining what the first 100 days of a UKIP administration may look like.

Coming to the defence of UKIP, Britain First urges individuals to add their name and details to ‘complaints’ about the portrayal of what the first 100 days under a UKIP administration may look like. Britain First states:

“1840 patriots have complained to Channel 4 and OFCOM about the biased and ridiculous show called “100 days of UKIP”, a typical example of leftwing scaremongering. Please fill in below and hit “Complain” to join them.”

Guess the last thing that UKIP needs is Britain First’s sympathisers supporting them, though what is interesting to note is that Britain First believes that UKIP is worth defending and supporting by its actions. We live in interesting times!

Britain First UKIP support