Just when we thought that sympathisers of Britain First could not scrape the bottom of the social barrel through their postings on the Facebook page of the extremist group, statements and comments come along that are just breath-taking.

71 refugees were found dead in a lorry in Austria and may have died due to suffocation. Many of them may have been from Syria, seeking refuge from the brutal civil war in the country. Yet these are the responses made by some members of the public. Time and time again, the Britain First Facebook page acts like a magnet for people who think that they can post the most vile bigotry, prejudice and racism, and these comments show the inhumane nature of comments made by some people. The responses were made in relation to the article below posted on the Britain First Facebook page.

Jake Coefield, Greens Keeper at Barnsley Premier Leisure said: “Oh well, Suppose its 50 less to reach (the) UK.

Jake Coefield

Mark Thomas, who lives in Oxford said: “Good job 50 less migrants in England / England 4 the English.”

Mark Thomas

Tam Dougal from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire said: “Shame only 50 could fit in.

Tam Dougal

Tracey Jenkins said: “Gutted!…….there was room in that lorry for another 20.

Tracey Jenkins

Brian Priest who lives in Sunderland said: “Shame it wasn’t a bigger lorry so there could have got more in.”

Brian Priest