Not to be outdone in the ‘there are Moozlims‘ everywhere paranoia of far right extremists, Tommy ‘I have Changed’ Robinson, decided to put his toe in the sewer of anti-Muslim bigotry through his Twitter account. His involvement can only be described as an epic fail in the world of the Twitterati.

Failing to realise that he was targeting the wrong woman, he decided that Muslim lifestyle magazine Producer and Emel Founder, Sara Joseph, was in fact Saadia Khan, the wife of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Not to be outdone in the circulation of the graphic placing Sara and Saadia as being the same woman, (now with a Hijab), Tommy decided to put out the graphic in the hope that it would persuade people that the ‘Islamic take-over’ of London’s Town Hall has begun.

Hey, who cares, when one Muslim woman looks like another huh? Or maybe it was that in the rush to spread fear since ‘Moozlims’ have taken over the Mayoralty, they now had a secret plan to Islamize all of the of State institutions. This view that Muslims are secretly taking over is truly what far right sympathisers.

Robinson may truly believe this stuff, even though we think that he secretly knows that this not true. Alas, he has built his platform on anti-Muslim bigotry. So why really change?