You simply cannot make this up! After the murders of Charlie Hebdo staffers, Turkish Muslims in the area of Montargis (Loiret) in France, decided to hand out roses to passers by as a symbol of love and peace.

France and Islamophobia

The Islamic Confederation of Milli Gorus, a Turkish led initiative, handed out flowers at the end of February to passers by only to find that the local mayor of the Town, Jean-Pierre Door, took a position which baffled many in the area.

Initially, an application to organise a small stand to hand out flowers in Montargis was turned down by the Mayor who regarded this simple gesture as a method of proselytising. Furthermore, using his legal powers the Mayor then decided to go one step further. He decided that anyone handing out roses without his permission would receive a 35 Euro fine.

So, not only did the Mayor regard handing out flowers as a secret way of converting people, he decided to slap on a fine to people handing out flowers.

France certainly seems to have some interesting characters in power.