We were contacted by a Muslim mother who had left her house to drop off her children to school.

She left home before 9 am on the 8th of December 2015 and the day started off pretty routine, though little did she know that it would end up with finding a cut out picture of a grenade in her drive-way.

The parent has stated that she has not had any trouble before in her neighbourhood and that she has been shaken by the experience which she regards as being anti-Muslim oriented, given her faith and the association with a grenade. She also felt that this has been triggered post the Paris terrorist incidents and that whoever targeted her was sending a message that was anti-Muslim and bigoted in nature.

Apart from the anti-Muslim bigotry, she also felt vulnerable and threatened that someone would come into her driveway and take the time to cut out the picture and place it in the driveway.

Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Cut out picture of a grenade placed in the driveway of Muslim family