Jayda FransenBritain First had threatened to demonstrate in Luton this Saturday, (27th of June),  on the same day as the community centred ‘Luton in Harmony’ event. However, the shrill on-line voices of Golding and Fransen can be heard as they bemoan an application made by the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire to the High Court regarding a proposed injunction against them.

Details of the injunction have come to light and the injunction is “to prohibit Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen for a period of 1 year from:

  1. Entering the town of Luton in Bedfordshire and its surrounding areas as indicated in the attached plan,
  2. Entering any mosque or Islamic cultural centre or its grounds within England and Wales without prior written invitation,
  3. Publishing, distributing or displaying, or causing to be published, distributed or displayed, any words or images, whether electronically or otherwise, which with regard to all of the circumstances, are likely to stir up religious and/or racial hatred,
  4. Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour thereby causing harassment, alarm or distress to any person,
  5. That a power of arrest be attached to any of these.”

This is a pro-active and extremely welcome move by the Chief Constable for Bedfordshire coming hot on the heels of a meeting with Muslim communities in Luton who expressed real concern around the actions of Britain First on Saturday. Yet, what is also of significance, is the fact that Britain First cannot enter any mosque without prior written permission and their ‘mosque invasions’ may well be at an end. Also, what may be at an end could be the extremist and deeply anti-Muslim rhetoric that they have espoused and the injunction highlights that Golding and Fransen may well be arrested if they continue with such actions.

True to form, this duo of the fringe right have taken to ask for donations in order to pay for their ‘defence.’ Judging by past calls for finance, they may be looking at a couple of hundred pounds and offers of pints to console them.

We welcome and salute the actions of Bedfordshire Police and their Chief Constable. Such examples show clearly that authorities are willing to take action to maintain law and order in communities and to ensure that communities are not targeted for hate, intolerance and prejudice. Bravo!

Paul Golding