Our growing presence on Facebook means our work reaches new audiences daily. This growth benefits our service users who may want to contact us about a case. Or appeal to individuals who remain concerned about anti-Muslim hate.

Growth allows for disagreement and a range of opinions. That is welcome. Hate speech is not.

We recently highlighted how Nazi ideology influences some to dehumanise Muslims in Britain. This generated a great deal of discussion. Some, however, ignored the crux of the article to suggest that Muslims are Nazis. Some compared Islam to Nazism. Others posted Holocaust denial and antisemitic hate speech.
Examples included:

‘muslims are new nazi’s’

‘nothing wrong with nazis

‘A bit like islam then

‘Still no proof that a single person Jew or Gentile was ever gassed by the Germans’

‘Holocaust did happen.. BUT not 6 million that’s a lie it’s been proven wrong’

‘ISIS are exactly like the Jews only apartheid fake state of Israel’

‘The Nazis waffen ss were the most culturally diverse army of its time. Hitlers respect for other races is well documented.’

‘Nice try K****, I can see right through tour lies. The National socialist party had no problems with other races, they wanted to abolish the corrupt Jewry that was ruining Germany’

the national socialists (NAZIs) were not racist’

As an organisation, we’ve always prided ourselves on speaking out against all forms of hate. It remains heartening that some individuals challenged this sort of hate speech.

Our dedicated staff cannot always monitor every comment posted on our Facebook. So we ask our supporters to stay vigilant and continue to challenge hate speech and report it when found.

Reporting hate speech to Facebook remains an easy task if you know how to do it. Make us aware of racist comments via email at info@tellmamauk.org or call us in confidence on 0800 456 1226.

Counter-speech can also be a powerful tool when confronting these abusive comments. It only takes a few working together to challenge online hate speech. Whether it’s reporting abuse or correcting willful distortion – your voice matters.

Together we can help counter those who abuse Facebook’s platform to spread hate.

Come join us online in saying #no2h8 as we extend our gratitude to those who made us aware of the above hate speech. The comments have been removed and reported.