We thought that this was a parody e-mail as we opened it. Someone, it seemed, had drafted a parody of Golding and Fransen, begging for cash for another round of legal bills with calls of, “this is the end of Britain First,” (Bollywood move over – this is real melodrama here).

Nothing could have prepared us for the cringeworthy sentence at the end of what was an HTML mailshot by the self- appointed leadership of Golding and Fransen.

The mailshot was another ‘pass the begging bowl routine’ and this time supposedly to raise funds so that the pair can continue to be leader and deputy leader. The application to the High Court made by the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire some months ago listed the following conditions and it seems that the temporary relief granted by the judge on the particulars of the claim are coming to an end, meaning that a judge will make a decision on them possibly in the next month, which will mean a bar on Britain First:

b) Entering any mosque or Islamic Cultural Centre or its private grounds within England and Wales without prior written invitation;

c) Publishing, distributing or displaying, or causing to be published, distributed or displayed, any words or images, whether electronically or otherwise, which having regard to all the circumstances are likely to stir up religious and/or racial hatred;

d) Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour thereby causing harassment alarm or distress to any person;

e) That a power of arrest be attached to these conditions.

The final sentence at the end of a tirade of ‘gizza your money’ will simply make you wince at the cringeworthiness of the following statement. Not to be outdone on the melodrama so akin to far right groups, this is the statement that the duo make.

“If we are not allowed to “publish, distribute or display” any words or images, how can we continue as leader and deputy leader?”

Someone pass the sick bag!