The HYGGE café in Sheffield had a wonderful message of solidarity and support for its Muslim staff following an anti-Muslim and Islamophobic one-star review from a customer on Google after being served by a Muslim staff member in hijab.

In response, management replied: “Please rest assured that we will be doing everything we can to reassure ALL of our employees that their individuality, their religion, their race, gender, and personality – are what makes them perfect.”

Adding, “HYGGE is a family run business, and our mantra is to be inclusive, to be friendly, and to spread love – not hate. Your opinion has no place in this world, and I hope you learn to love a little more.”

Alex informed “George Cross” that “If you do find yourself visiting HYGGE again, please ask for me by name – as I’d be happy to tell you in person that you will never be welcome at our business, until you change your outrageous and despicable attitude.”

Screenshots of the retort went viral on Instagram, drawing deserved praise and support, with people promising to visit. Others replied, “this is another reason why I would visit HYGGE again!”.

Reflecting on Facebook, HYGGE wrote that “we felt it our duty to do what we can do to spread a message of unity and love, and to raise awareness of archaic and outrageous opinions that have no place in this world.”

Closing their latest statement with this powerful paragraph: “We as a business are so proud of each one of our staff, and we are so grateful to be a part of their lives. We will stand alongside each of them, and every one of our customers. There is no place for hate or discrimination of any sort in our business.”

Many have since flooded the Google reviews of HYGGE with equal levels of positive messaging and support.

Everyone at Tell MAMA warmly extends their deep gratitude to Alex and the staff at HYGGE for their show of solidarity and standing up to hate. Feel free to show them some love.