We received a report today from a Muslim female which outlined the shocking and openly bigoted statements that are being made to some Muslims in our country today.

A Muslim female reported in that she was walking to the Birmingham City Centre HSBC branch this month with her teenage daughter and as she was walking a stocky heavy built man walked past her and as he walked past her, he picked up his phone and whilst glaring at her, uttered the following words:

“I wish I was still in the army, so I could kill the f****** lot of them.”

He then put the phone back down and a Muslim girl in her late teens was stood a few feet away from the woman who reported this in. The perpetrator glared at her and again picked up his phone and made comments to the young Muslim woman which she did not take notice off.

The victim went onto state:

“I was relieved both my daughter and this girl did not notice or hear him, as it’s a horrible feeling. I was born and bred here and I have never ever faced any racist abuse, this was a shocker and definitely an eye opener as to how public opinion is changing. I did not report the incident to the police as this man quite clearly put his phone to his ear and made it seem like he was making a phone call, it would be my word against his.”