The staff at London Luton Airport have acted quickly to remove anti-Muslim graffiti after it was discovered in a toilet cubicle.

Twitter user @nathanever82 alerted the airport and our staff to the vandalism this morning.

The text reads ‘Islam = brain cancer’. And below the person(s) added ‘White Europe!’

According to @nathanever82, the graffiti was in the “Mans toilet in front of check in 4-5. Last toilet on the right.” Airport staff replied on Twitter: “Thank you. We’re send the cleaning team right away.”

This far-right inspired language also appears online. Days ago, a neo-Nazi account with the handle ‘Strattus88’ had uploaded four posts with the ‘Islam = brain cancer’ caption to the website ‘Hiddenlol’. All were removed, but it shows how such ideas are so readily distributed online.

The homepage of ‘Hiddenlol’ includes some horrific content on its homepage, including an obese ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme calling for the death of Muslims in Newcastle, following the Eid traffic accident.

Another gratuitous hate-filled meme asks users if they would rather see a Nazi-era flag or Angela Merkel be hung in Germany.

The Hiddenlol Instagram also shares similar ‘Pepe the Frog’ memes. It echoes how neo-Nazis are using the social media platform to spread Holocaust denial and hate materials.

A key way to challenge such hatreds in young people includes the work of Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination. This is an interfaith programme managed by Streetwise and supported by Tell MAMA. Its primary goal is to empower young people in mainstream schools to learn about and act against discrimination, racism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, whilst developing their social responsibility in the community.

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