A man who threatened to murder Muslims, burn down a mosque, and bomb local council buildings in Ebbw Vale, Wales, has been given a six-month prison sentence.

45-year-old Robert Armstrong had made the threats during a 999 call he made on November 24 last year, according to the South Wales Argus.

He was remanded in custody last year.

Additional charges under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 related to threats to burn down a mosque and bombing Blaenau Gwent council buildings.

He appeared in Newport Crown Court on December 23.

Given his conviction, extracts from his 999 call have been made public, and reveal that he had told the police call handler that his issues were with “the government, the police, and the NHS”.

The tone became more menacing and threatening as he said: “I am going to f*** up as many lives as I can. By the time I am finished the Muslim community in Wales will be p***** off because I will murder them.”

He also threatened to kill any police officer who responded to his threatening phone call.

When officers from Gwent Police did attend the scene, however, they arrested Armstrong after discharging a taser.

In mitigation, Stuart John cited Armstrong’s mental health issues, including trouble accessing his prescription.

When sentencing Armstrong, Judge Christopher Vosper, could not say what triggered the threats and how the call handler could not ignore the threats, despite “unsure whether to take the threats seriously.”

Judge Vosper added that Armstrong had threatened to stab council workers in the neck, and: “You also made threats against the Muslim community, particularly those of Pakistani origin. You threatened to kill them and destroy a mosque.”

He added that whilst the council workers and local Muslims had not heard the threats, he sentenced Armstrong to 26-weeks in prison.