We are aware of a number of letters being sent to mosques which seek to promote fear and intimidate those working within the mosques. The letters have been sent to various geographical locations and we have seen the text of the letters.

We understand that the letters threaten demonstrations outside mosques and are signed off using people’s names. This is a malicious campaign that we believe, is simply meant to cause fear.

We are aware of the letters, as are partners that work with us. We wanted to re-assure mosques that when we come across such material, and when it is reported to us, we get in touch with police partners and inform them of such activities. We can only do so if people report into us at Tell MAMA and therefore we urge Muslim communities to report in any material that may be anti-Muslim in nature or which targets mosques and Islamic institutions.

We cannot have any community intimidated in our country whose values are based on pluralism and on the rule of law. Rest assured that we within Tell MAMA will work with statutory, police and Government partners to ensure the safety of Muslim communities, whilst also ensuring that we stand together with all communities in our desire to tackle hatred, prejudice and intolerance.