The racial abuse of a young Muslim child at a school in Nottinghamshire is now under police investigation.

The incident took place on the afternoon of April 25.

Tell MAMA was contacted by the child’s mother, who wears a hijab, and she agreed to have their story told anonymously.

She revealed that when the incident occurred, she was with her young son in the playground, waiting to collect her other child.

A woman then passed the family and directed the directed the hateful slur ‘P*ki b**tard’ at her son.

The mother then challenged her behaviour only to find that the woman had bent down in front of her son and accused him of hitting her in the chest – adding that his mother should ‘teach him some manners’. She then racially abused the young child again with the same slur.

After the mention of police involvement, the perpetrator responded by telling the mother to ‘shut up’.

Other parents who were said to have heard the abuse did not intervene and the mother alleges that staff at the school were ‘disinterested’ in the abuse, adding the school does not tolerate such behaviour.

She described the perpetrator as being white, female, and in her 60s.

Tell MAMA continues to support the family and is liaising with the relevant authorities in this matter.

Nearly one in ten cases (8 per cent) of Tell MAMA cases in 2016 took place in educational institutions where an incident took place at a college, school or university setting.

UPDATE: The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have charged the perpetrator and will appear in court over the offence.

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