We were contacted by a Muslim female who was shaken by a anti-Muslim hate incident that she suffered whilst driving in Essex. She reported that she was at the Redbrick roundabout with her window wound down when she heard two men shout abuse at her from a passing vehicle. Initially she was not aware of the abuse that was targeted towards her though it became clear that individuals in the car that had pulled up alongside her were abusing her from the abusive comments they were making about her Hijab (headscarf).

Mrs S (victim) wore the Hijab and had her mobile phone tucked into her Hijab, (which she was using as some form of a ‘hands-free’ mechanism) and as she drove off, she became aware of the vehicle coming close to her, which made her feel that her safety was at risk. Intimidated, she slowed down whereupon the two young white males started to point at her, swearing and laughing as they drove side by side with her vehicle.

Whilst this intimidation was taking place, the two perpetrators started to take pictures of the victim on their mobile phones.


We are concerned at the targeting of visible Muslim females and the level of intimidation that was attached to this case. We are also concerned about pictures that have been taken of the female and the fact that the victim felt that she was at some considerable risk.

In such an instance, we would advise people to call the emergency services and to also inform us where possible. Such targeted anti-Muslim hate is unacceptable and could costs lives.