Councillor Rosemary Carroll Needs to Apologise in Public or Be Removed from the Conservatives

by TellMAMA | May 6th, 2018 | News

We welcome the statements made this morning by the Business Secretary, Greg Clarke, where he…

Ex-U.N. chief Annan tells Facebook to move faster on hate speech

by TellMAMA | May 4th, 2018 | News

Former U.N. chief Kofi Annan told Facebook Inc on Thursday that it should consider establishing…

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council removes racist and anti-Muslim graffiti

by TellMAMA | May 3rd, 2018 | News

Birmingham City Council swiftly removed a spate of racist and anti-Muslim graffiti in the Small…

Threatening letters sent to mosques in Kent, London, and Colchester

by TellMAMA | May 3rd, 2018 | Mosques, News

Tell MAMA has received several reports of threatening letters sent to five mosques in Kent,…

Dunfermline Central Mosque

Bacon strips left on door handle of Dunfermline Central Mosque

by TellMAMA | May 1st, 2018 | Mosques, News

Strips of bacon were left on a door handle at Dunfermline Central Mosque over the…

Times coverage of Muslim foster case was distorted, Ipso finds

by TellMAMA | Apr 25th, 2018 | News

The Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) has ruled that the Times newspaper had distorted its…

Antisemitism is Racism – Let’s Call It What It Is

by TellMAMA | Apr 24th, 2018 | Opinions

We understand that members of key organisations representing Jewish communities are meeting with the leader of…

Stabbing of Asian Man in Rotherham Reported into Tell MAMA

by TellMAMA | Apr 20th, 2018 | News

Tell MAMA was contacted by one of three young men of Pakistani heritage, who described…

Alexandre Bissonnette

Alexandre Bissonnette obsessed about Islam, feminism, and mass shooters online

by TellMAMA | Apr 17th, 2018 | News

Alexandre Bissonnette, who murdered six Muslim men and left five others badly injured after he…

Israeli police investigate suspected ‘price tag’ arson attack on West Bank mosque

by TellMAMA | Apr 16th, 2018 | News

CCTV footage captured the moment arsonists attempted to burn down in a mosque in occupied…