Dear Sir (and you are most probably male),

We are sickened by the Islamophobic and bigoted graffiti that was scrawled onto the Central Gurdwara in the West End in Glasgow. However it is clear that you thought that the Gurdwara was a mosque, since they kinda all look the same in your eyes. The reality is that Sikhs are not Muslims and saying that, targeting Muslim communities for bigotry and hate should be challenged by us all. No community should suffer the indignity of humiliation of hate just because of one or more facets of their identity.

We also thought that we would highlight the fact that just because a building has a dome, it does not necessarily make it a mosque. Or given the fact that just because practising Sikhs have beards, does not make them Muslims. Or could it have been that you just think that anything ‘foreign’ and ‘different looking’ must be Muslim, since in the darkest recesses of your mind, you think that Muslims are somehow taking over?

Your actions simply reflect on the ignorance that seems to have driven your actions. Furthermore, whilst Sikh communities have been integral to contributing to a modern and diverse country, (as Muslims have), we thought we would highlight the fact that self-defence is a vital part of the Sikh faith and tradition and this is why symbolically, they wear the Kirpan. (You might want to Google that and whilst it is purely symbolic in nature and not used for violence, we thought we would highlight this lest you think of doing this again.)

We therefore hope that you may have the courtesy to apologise to the Gurdwara and to offer to clean the institution as a form of penance. Failing that, there are a few mosques that could do with some help and either way, next time you see a man with a beard, you might just want to reflect on this letter. Or better still, realise that the only person who has been humiliated in this process, is you for the sheer lack of common sense.

Yours sincerely,