An Oxford resident who happens to be a Muslim female contacted us today to inform us that her car tyres were slashed in a lane where she parks her vehicle.

Oxford is generally a very liberal city with a diverse population. Made up of a large student population, it is a city where communities generally do get on and where there are no real community tensions. It’s large student base makes it a hub for student activism and with many of our country’s politicians, scientists and social entrepreneurs having gone through the great student institutions and halls of Oxford University.

This evening however, we received a report of a Muslim female who believes that her car tyres were slashed since her car was identifiable as being owned by a Muslim. She stated that she hung an Islamic prayer in her vehicle which could be seen by passers-by and the prayer is a form of protection and a sign of her belief in her faith and in the protection of her by God.

This evening she found two of her tyres slashed and with no other vehicles in the vicinity touched. We thank her for her courage and her fortitude in stepping forward and informing us about this vandalism and criminal damage to her property. We will be notifying the relevant authorities of this hate crime.

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