Not to be outdone in waxing lyrical about ‘Jihad’, the extremist far right group Pegida UK, (led by the sadly unreformed agent provocateur Stephen Yaxley Lennon – aka Tommy Robinson), have decided that they will oppose mosques. Clearly someone has failed to inform them that mosques already exist in our country.

However, not to be outdone in the race to target Muslim communities, far right groups like Pegida have joined up with ‘Mosqueblock’ and they have decided that they will provide guidance to members of the public to lodge what can only be assumed to be vexatious complaints against mosque planning applications.

So there we go. Pegida who claimed to fight ‘Islamic extremism’ are in fact, targeting a group of citizens by potentially making it  difficult for them to lodge successful applications for local mosques. We do not want you to pray in mosques is what Pegida is suggesting by these set of actions.

So next time you hear Pegida talking about tackling extremism, just remember this. They believe that one group of people in our country, British Muslim citizens, should be subjected to complaints if they want to develop a mosque to pray in. If anything, this shows what a malevolent group Pegida are.

Parking Jihad