Tackling Hate Crime Pledges – For Police & Crime Commissioners

TELL MAMA has met with numerous Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) since their elections last year and driven home the need for concerted action against hate crimes in general and more specifically against anti-Muslim prejudiced hate crimes. TELL MAMA developed five priority pledges on hate crimes which were built on the work of Victim Support who are key partners with the project and we supported the call from Victim Support stating that the needs of victims have to be placed at the heart of policing. Since TELL MAMA works on hate incidents and crimes against Muslim communities and those perceived to be Muslims, when in meetings with PCCs we have taken the approach of re-iterating the need for strong local leadership against hate crimes in general, whilst also ensuring that PCCs acknowledge concerted action against anti-Muslim prejudice. Such prejudice is a problem that can have serious lasting community implications in local areas.

The list of signatures on this page include those candidates who ran for PCC positions in last year’s elections and with some signatories having duly been elected. We will continue to meet with as many PCCs as possible in the coming months to ensure that anti-Muslim hate crime is an area that received due focus, bearing in mind the fact that Far Right groups now focus their poisonous attention mainly on Muslim communities in our country.