Lancashire Police continues investigating the vandalism of two Muslim gravestones at the Scotforth Cemetery in Lancaster.

The police statement added that Stars of David, daubed in black spray paint, appeared on the gravestones late last month.

Tell MAMA continues to provide holistic support to members of one impacted family as we continue to liaise with Lancashire Police, ensuring that a hate crime investigation occurs, notably given the deep pain the vandalism has caused for those impacted.

News of the vandalism caused outrage and condemnation on social media.

Anyone can report graffiti in public areas anonymously or otherwise –on bins, benches, public buildings, and cemeteries – to their local council, online or otherwise, as the GOV.UK website will redirect you to the relevant local authority based on the postcode where the vandalism occurred.

In addition, racist and hateful graffiti can be reported to the police online via the True Vision platform or by calling 101.

Tell MAMA can make reports to the police or local authority on your behalf – either anonymously or directly with informed consent.

Witnesses can provide information to the police by calling 101, quoting incident reference 0596 of February 26, 2023. Tell MAMA can also pass the information on to the police on your behalf.