Customers were shocked to find the following A4 poster (below) hanging in a Wetherspoon’s pub – the Moon on the Square – in Feltham in Middlesex. Using the WW1 iconic picture of Lord Kitchener pointing to the viewer saying, “Your Country Needs You“, the poster in the pub had a headline saying,

Muslims – Are you unhappy with our countries? Are you offended by our culture? Would you prefer to live under Sharia Law? Then we have a simple solution for you. Get the f*** out of our countries, and go back to the monstrous s******** you came from. You can live under Muslim rule there and enjoy it as much as you like.”

The poster was produced by a group called the ‘Infidel Brotherhood’ and staff at the Moon on the Square pub took down the poster as soon as they were notified about it.  Nonetheless, what is of concern is that the poster was pinned in the pub and must have been seen by a number of members of the public.