The proposed neo-nazi demonstration set for Saturday the 4th of July is a way of intimidating Jewish communities which we should all reject. Much of this has been influenced by Joshua Bonehill which the CST blog covers in detail. Yet, the snowball effect of ramping up rhetoric which Bonehill started is leading to real concerns within the area and within Jewish communities.

However, this is not just an issue for Jewish communities. This is an issue for us all as Londoners, people of good will, of faith and no faith and within people who believe that we should live our lives free from hate and intolerance.

Whilst TELL MAMA works on countering anti-Muslim hate and in assisting victims of anti-Muslim hate, the mere thought of neo-Nazis intimidating people because of their faith or race is sickening. Furthermore, such activities should worry us all since such extremists actually dislike diverse communities and so attempts to intimidate Jewish communities should be round rejected, condemned and countered by us all.

So this is why we say that it is imperative that all of us stand with and in line with Jewish communities. You are not alone and an attack on you is an attack on all of us. We also hope that Muslim communities stand shoulder to shoulder with Jewish communities and speak out against the intimidation by far right extremist groups. Together, we are stronger and together, we can show those who hate that they will never succeed!