A racist who viciously assaulted a Muslim taxi driver received a 20-month prison sentence.

Manchester Evening News reported that 30-year-old David Platt was found guilty in under two hours at Manchester Crown Court.

Platt subjected taxi driver Mohammed Zubair to a torrent of racist abuse, including calling him the P-word and mocking the traditional clothing Mr Zubair wore to celebrate Eid with his family before collecting Platt and his girlfriend.

Platt called him a “P*** b******” and a “scruffy c***”.

The violence of the punch delivered to Mr Zubair left him with a fractured cheekbone and an injury to his eyelid, which required hospitalisation.

Having exited his vehicle, David Platt threatened him with further violence.

The Manchester Evening News report also disclosed that Platt had lied to the police during his initial interview, falsely claiming that he assaulted Mr Zubair because he caught him “masturbating”.

The racist assault caused great shock and distress to Mr Zubair.

Tell MAMA continues to provide taxi drivers and firms with a tailored programme within our existing support structures, the Safety, Security & Beyond scheme.

With Hate Crime Awareness Week upon us, we remind Muslim and other minoritised groups about the free guide “Hate Crime: a guide for those affected”, written in partnership with the Community Security Trust and the Crown Prosecution Service, which is free to download here.