The charade of Robinson leaving extremism behind has finally slipped as his tweets show an increasingly erratic and confused individual who plays up to conspiracy theorists and far right bigots. His attempt at going ‘mainstream’ has failed with only a handful of journalists still touting for his opinions when they have nothing else to fill their journals with.

However, Robinson’s actions have placed a Rotherham resident of Pakistani heritage at real risk. This tweet (below), which Robinson sent out a few days ago is false and makes an allegation that two individuals around the Member of Parliament for Rotherham, are paedophiles. Such actions can put the lives of these two individuals at risk and Robinson should be held to account for this.

One of the individuals has worked with Tell MAMA to place a civil claim against a branch of UKIP and this is ongoing. They initially tweeted out a virtually identical tweet and our advice to him is to pursue a civil claim against Robinson for the dissemination of this material.

Robinson claims to act for against ‘Islamic extremism.’ His tweets show a different stance and one which panders to anti-Muslim bigots. No doubt, Robinson may well be hearing from the solicitor of the individual that he has libelled.

Tommy Robinson tweets