Royal NavyWe have received details of a rather shocking case with alleged threats being made to a restaurant owner in the East of England.

A restaurant owner who has been running a thriving business was subject to an assault and to threats after asking two serving Royal Navy officers to bring in their pint glasses into the restaurant, after they had taken them outside for a smoke.

As the restauranteur approached them, he asked them to take the glasses back into the restaurant and was met by the following comments from the father and son, who have served in the Middle and Far East:

“You f***ing P**i”, “get back to your f***ing country you Muslim bas****,”

When asked to take the glasses back in again, the restauranteur was assaulted as one of the perpetrators picked up the pint glass and smashed it on his head. This caused him instinctively to kick out and his reaction was met with another pint glass being thrown at him as he walked away and back towards the restaurant.

The restauranteur hurried back inside and subsequently picked up a baton from behind the bar, though his customers and his wife held him back at the door only to be met with a threat to his life as one of the serving officers said,

“I will come back and shoot you all.”

It has transpired that the officers have served in Afghanistan and in Bahrain and we will be taking this material to the relevant section in the Armed Forces and the Royal Navy.

It is our belief that whilst serving officers can and should enjoy a life outside of uniform, they should maintain a higher standard of behaviour given that they are serving officers and are representatives of Her Majesty’s Government. The language which we have listed is unbecoming of serving officers and is deeply prejudicial. We will keep you updated on this case.