Tell MAMA maintains a confidential service for victims of anti-Muslim hatred, though any member of the public can report a hate incident or hate crime to the national project.

Tell MAMA is now into its 5th year of operations and has grown significantly with thousands of users who report in on an annual basis.

We are launching a tender process for an organisation or academic institution to provide peer review and consultation on our reporting processes.

The successful applicant will assist the Tell MAMA research team by reviewing and evaluating findings presented in the annual report. They will be expected to ask questions and interrogate our work to improve our data collection and reporting in the future. In addition, they will provide consultation and assistance in planning the report to ensure that it speaks effectively to academic and policy audiences.

In summary, we are looking for the following activities to be conducted in early 2017 as part of this tender process:

  1. Ensure that Tell MAMA Annual Report responds to academic literature on hate crime by consulting with the research team.
  2. Provide advice and guidance to Tell MAMA staff about further lines of commentary, trends or analysis that may be included in the annual report.
  3. Consult with the research team to develop new questions and avenues for future research on anti-Muslim hatred.

As stated this work is to be undertaken in and completed in early 2017. In the first quarter of 2017, the successful applicant will consult with the research team and provde guidance. In early April, a draft of the report will be provided and we expect review to be completed in two weeks. Please note that these dates are subject to change but will only do so in consultation with the successful applicant.

All applicants and tender documents will be scored on the following areas:

(i) A research profile that includes significant contributions and publications on hate crime, public policy, migration, and British Islam, preferably in recent years.
(ii) Experience examining and supervising research that makes use of quantitative methods and discourse analysis. Experience with or understanding of statistics and geographic information systems a plus.
(iii) Ability to engage academic audiences.
(iv) Potential publications (possibly co-authored with the Tell MAMA team) based on findings.
(v) Expected cost of peer review and consultation services.
(vi) Ability to make contributions in policy and scholarship on anti-Muslim hate crime.

To apply for the tender, please provide:

  1. A covering letter, which includes suggestions/proposals for new research avenues based on the 2015 Tell MAMA report.
  2. CV with list of publications

Before submission or preparation of application materials, please contact

The deadline for this application is 5pm on Friday the 23rd of December 2016.

Documents should be sent to the Director of Tell MAMA, on and marked for Ms Atta.