For the last 3 years, TELL MAMA has built up evidence on the language of anti-Muslim hatred. Key terms and words that are used and targeted towards Muslims have been collated through our work and we have worked with partner agencies to explain the meanings of the terms, their links to Muslim communities and the impacts on victims.

One of the agencies that we have engaged with and worked with, has been the Crown Prosecution Service, (CPS). The CPS has regularly met with groups working as national hate crime reporting centres and has been receptive to advice from agencies on the changing nature of language targeted at communities because of their religion or faith.

TELL MAMA has had sight of the draft ‘checklist for advice and charging lawyers‘ and we wholeheartedly support the excellent work of the CPS. Language and terms that have been used to target Muslims are included in the section on anti-Muslim or Islamophobic hate crimes and we believe that this a major step forward.

Whilst we cannot and will not highlight key-words that are included in the advice sheet for charging lawyers, we believe that the document captures key words and will ensure that prosecutors are best advised on charging perpetrators who have targeted people because of their faith and when using specific terms.